Supporting Our Great British Holiday Parks – Why Buy British?


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As we sit in lock down awaiting Government guidance on the exit strategy, we all start to plan to recover lost revenues and so we ponder our marketing messages to our prospective customers, do we not? 

We all clearly see that the rapid growth of the UK holiday market is exciting and inevitable as holidaymakers cease trusting in air travel, reconsider their relationship with the world around us and start to support the UK economy rather than other countries. 

Clearly, it can be useful to remind our audience of the links between this terrible virus, the damage it has caused our society and its rapid spread via mass, freely available, cheap air travel, overcrowded hotels and cruise ships. 

By holidaying in the UK we can effect change, we can make a difference. But its sometimes easy to lose sight of the less tangible and wider economic benefits of them spending their money here and perhaps we need to help them to see it more clearly.
As an example, you are familiar with us at RotoSpa as you are either a current or future customer. As the UKs only hot tub manufacturer every pound spent with us benefits the wider UK economy, with it we pay our suppliers, staff wages and then all taxes. The suppliers pay their staff and taxes, our staff pay their taxes and then spend money in shops and on services and on holidays etc. That money cascades back into the UK economy to fund the NHS, schools and supports other UK businesses. Businesses like holiday lets.
Compare and contrast with the purchase of a competitors imported products, there only the profit is kept in the UK, when the goods are paid for by a retailer, the lions share of your money is sent overseas to China or the US and stays there to help their economy grow instead of ours. The same is true for holidays, money spent here in the UK benefits us all, money spent abroad stays there, never to return. More money spent on UK goods serves and strengthens us all. 

Buy British, Holiday in the UK 

We will work positively together through these tough months ahead, to create business for us all in the not too distant future. Team work is the key element here and we will prevail to be greater in strength together. 

Stay safe and well, From all of the RotoSpa Team