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5 tips on how to set the best temperature for hot tub in summer

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There’s no better way to unwind after a scorching summer’s day than by slipping into a delightfully warm hot tub. However, getting the temperature just right is crucial for maximum comfort, safety and enjoyment. 

In this article, we’ll explore five essential tips to help you dial in the best temperature for hot tub in summer. From understanding the recommended ranges to factoring in outside conditions and personal preferences, we’ve got you covered with all the key considerations.


  • Aim for a hot tub temperature range of 36°C to 38°C (97°F to 100°F) for comfortable summer soaking.
  • Consider factors like location, climate, and indoor or outdoor placement when setting the temperature.
  • Regularly monitor water temperature and adjust for both load and activity levels.
  • Implement energy-saving strategies like proper cover use and optimised filtration cycles.

Understand the ideal temperature range

The generally accepted ideal temperature range for a hot tub in summer is between 36°C and 38°C. This window strikes the perfect balance between feeling sumptuously warm and relaxing, yet not overly hot.

Venturing above 40°C can quickly become uncomfortable and potentially unsafe, especially for extended soaks. Hotter temperatures increase risks like dehydration, dizziness, nausea and overheating.

On the flip side, setting your hot tub below 38°C may leave you feeling underwhelmed and disappointed with the experience. While higher temperatures may feel more luxurious, they can also lead to increased operating costs. According to industry data, every 1°C (1.8°F) increase in temperature can result in a 10-15% increase in energy consumption.

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Consider your location and climate

While that 36-38°C range is considered ideal, some hot tub lovers prefer running their tubs a touch cooler during particularly sweltering summer days and heatwaves. The minimum advisable temperature is typically around 35-37°C.


photo source: The Pods at Streamvale

This lower bound can provide blissful, cooling refreshment from severe heat while still allowing you to luxuriate in the tub’s soothing warmth. It’s also a more energy-efficient option that can translate into cheaper running costs over the summer months.

To achieve the best temperature for hot tub in summer, simply use the temperature controls on your hot tub’s topside control panel. Make any changes incrementally in 1-2°C steps until your desired setting is reached to avoid shocking the system.

Factors that influence the best temperature for hot tub in summer  

There’s no definitive one-size-fits-all “best” hot tub temperature that will suit everyone’s tastes. The ideal setting actually depends on weighing up several key variables: 

1. Outdoor temperature and weather conditions

On scorching 30°C+ days, you’ll likely want a cooler 35-37°C tub temp to counteract the severe heat. Overcast, breezy or cooler conditions could call for that toastier 36-38°C range.

2. Personal heat tolerance

Some people simply tolerate and prefer much hotter or cooler temperatures than others. Adjust to your own individual comfort zone, also considering age and any health conditions. Interestingly, a Japanese study found a variation in preferred hot tub temps across different individuals.

3. Number of bathers

With more bodies immersed, you’ll want to err on the cooler side like 37°C to offset the accumulated body heat. Solo or couple’s soaks can run a few degrees hotter.

4. Energy efficiency

Lower temperatures under 38°C are generally cheaper to maintain but may require more frequent heating between uses to stay heated.

By carefully weighing up factors like these for your situation, you can perfectly tailor and fine-tune the ultimate, personalised summer hot tub experience

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Tips for maintaining your desired temperature 

Once you’ve found that ideal hot tub temperature zone for summer, follow these top tips to sustain those perfect conditions: 

1. Use an accurate thermometer

Don’t solely rely on the tub’s built-in sensor, an external thermometer adds precise, spot-on temperature readings.  

2. Make incremental adjustments

Avoid huge temperature swings of 5°C+ as this stresses the heating system. Instead, raise or lower in small 1-2°C bursts only for stable, consistent heating.

3. Insulate with a quality cover

An energy-efficient cover with good insulation minimises heat loss between soaks. Replace yours if it’s damaged, compressed or over 5 years old.

4. Stay on top of maintenance

Clean filters monthly and follow the manufacturer’s full-service schedule. Optimum hot tub maintenance equals maximum energy efficiency and stable temperatures. 

With these easy yet vital practices, your hot tub will operate reliably while sticking to your preferred personalised summer temperature setting.

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Safety considerations when setting hot tub temperature

While hot tubs are designed for relaxation, it’s crucial not to overlook some fundamental safety considerations linked to temperature. High temperatures accelerate dehydration and can leave you feeling drained, so always drink plenty of water before and after each hot tub session. 

As mentioned earlier, temperatures over 40°C heighten risks of burns and scalds, especially for young children’s delicate skin, so never allow unsupervised use. Use a timer and keep hot tub sessions to a reasonable duration of 15-30 minutes, especially for the elderly and heat-sensitive individuals. 

Never, ever use or allow others to use the hot tub while impaired by alcohol or drugs, as it drastically increases the risks of accidents, injuries and nausea. By keeping these basic precautions at the forefront, you can ensure safe, worry-free family hot tub enjoyment all summer long.

Your hot tub oasis awaits

There’s nothing quite like the sublime pleasure of slipping into a summertime hot tub heated to perfection and you can definitely create your very own customised backyard oasis tailored exactly to your tastes and needs season after season.  

Let the experts at RotoSpa help you master hot tub temperature control for year-round relaxation. Contact us today to learn about our comprehensive hot tub maintenance and service plans that take the guesswork out of temperature management. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your perfectly heated hot tub escape.

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There's no better way to unwind after a scorching summer's day than by slipping into a delightfully warm hot tub. However, getting the temperature just right is crucial for maximum comfort, safety and enjoyment. 
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