RotoSpa Hot Tubs are the cleanest in Town!

When we designed our RotoSpas we made sure every element of cleaning and filtration was made as simple as possible for our customer and exceeded requirements. Here are a few design elements that we are particularly proud of.

RotoSpas Inline Disinfectant Tablet Feeder Provides 24hour constant sanitization and residual disinfectant to kill bacteria. Complies with HSG282 Section 76


Our Automatic Ozone Water Purification Automatically provides additional natural disinfectant which provides sanitization and reduces chemical usage. Kills 99% of water borne bacteria and virus’ giving safe, crystal clear water. Complies with HSG282 Section 76

The Ultra High Flow Filtration Circulation, Complete Water Filtration, Will filter 100% of the spa water in the spa within 8 minutes of operation. Exceeds requirement of HSG282 Section 76. Sanitized spa water is circulated through all pipes and jets all of the time, there are no booster pump circuits for water to sit in. No dead ends.

The Inteligent Powersmart Spa Control System, incorporating dynamic thermal tuning, smart filtration, auto daily sanitise, remote wi-fi access, programmable sleep period, heat pump interface. The app allows complete control as if you were stood in front of the RotoSpa itself.