Protect Your Hot Tub With The RotoSpa Caddy Cover Lifter

Removing your spa or hot tub cover can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t need to be this way thanks to the best hot tub cover lifter.

The Cover Caddy gas spring assisted cover lift defines versatility and effortless spa cover fitting and removal. A cover lifter enables one person to open and close their spa in safety.

The unique design allows for installation on an array of spa shapes and sizes including round, octagonal, and spas with large radius or cut corners.

The Caddy’s new under-mount base plate provides for a complete installation within minutes. Positioning the base plate couldn’t be easier. Simple slide the base plate under the spa on installation and the spa weight will secure it into position.


The addition of a powerful gas spring makes lifting and lowering your spa cover easier than you ever imagined. You simply open the arms which snap into place, then let the gas springs do its job by slowly lifting the Caddy Cover into position. You are then ready to slide the cover into the arms of the Caddy lifter from your spa to begin your relaxation session or slide the cover into position on top of your spa after your revitalising dip to keep your water clean and warm.

The Cover Caddy stores your cover conveniently to the side of your spa and out of harm’s way. You will avoid damaging your cover, scuffing it across the floor and making it dirty, which will then inevitably transfer the dirt into your hot tub.

Covers on Spas fitted with the Caddy Cover lifters will enjoy a longer life than those without!

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