It’s all change at RotoSpa…

Over the years, RotoSpa have worked closely with their customers to provide top quality, innovative products at an affordable price. RotoSpa’s have aspirational features to rival acrylic spas at affordable prices. We are not like any other spa, and never will be. However, as times change so do your tastes and our spas. 

We would like to introduce our new, upgraded spec spas. So, what has changed?

  • A whispering waterfall feature has now been added to help create ambience. The sounds of the water splashing against the tub is sure to be a great source of relaxation.*
  • Multi-colour, fading effect, underwater LED light – perfect for those late summer nights, or dark crisp winter evenings.
  • Illuminated top controls adding a level of decadence to your RotoSpa
  • Our new SPA-NET control system also allows you to control your spa from anywhere, with its additional wiFi element**. Functions such as touchpad lock, controlling filtration and lighting control is useful across a number of business platforms. 

Whether the spa is for yourself, your holiday accommodation or your a hot tub hire agent, the new features are perfect for everyone! And the good news is, there are no hidden costs – all of these features are now included in the price. 

*waterfall feature & lit up controls not available on the DuoSpas 

**wiFi element comes at an additional cost and is an optional extra