How can a RotoSpa increase my income and occupancy?

As the 2018 spring-time rush approaches, a lot of people ask what makes us different to every other spa provider out there. Well, there are a few reasons why WE won the BISHTA GOLD AWARD for Hot Tubs in a Holiday Setting!


  • RotoSpas can increase your occupancy by up to at-least 27%; in-fact one of our customers noticed a 50% increase in bookings in the first year of having a DuraSpa on their site.
  • Holiday-makers are becoming increasingly interested in having a spa in their accommodation – ‘hot tubs’ are the number 1 requirement for online searches!
  • RotoSpa are the UK’s only manufacturer of hot tub spas – a great selling point for your accommodation, as well as meaning access to our nationwide technical support team
  • With add-on extras available such as our salt system, this is a great opportunity to market to your customers, as our salt-system is natural and kind to your skin
  • RotoSpa have over 12 years experience of supplying the industry, meaning we are able to pass over our knowledge & expertise
  • We have large stocks of spas and parts that you will need quickly as your business expands, as we manufacture them!
  • RotoSpa is British owned, British based & buys British!