How a Hot Tub Cover Can Save You Money!

Did you know approximately 60% of the heat escapes through the surface of your hot tub?
To reduce this heat loss, you need a well fitted cover that is in good condition.

All our RotoSpa models are supplied with incredibly efficient covers made to fit the spa perfectly.

Over time a cover can become water logged and saturated with water. You may notice obvious tears or rips in the material and the cover has become heavier and no longer fitting the way it once did.

A saturated cover can lose up to 90% of its thermal efficiency!This means you could be using far more energy and seeing higher than usual electricity bills.

If you think you need to replace your hot tub cover, we have covers for the entire RotoSpa range in stock now on our Online Shop.

How to care for your Hot Tub Cover

For advice on caring for your RotoSpa hot tub cover please see our Help Centre article with top tips on how to ensure you keep your cover in tip top condition.

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