Inline Disinfectant Tablet Feeder

Provides 24hour constant sanitization and residual disinfectant to kill bacteria. Complies with HSG282 Section 76

Automatic Ozone Water Purification

Automatically provides additional natural disinfectant which provides sanitization and reduces chemical usage. Kills 99% of water borne bacteria and virus’ giving safe, crystal clear water. Complies with HSG282 Section 76

100% Circulation Plumbing

Spa water is circulated through all pipes and jets all of the time, no booster pump circuits for water to sit in

Silent Air Boost Control

Increases hydrotherapy by injecting air into water stream

Intelligent PowerSmart Spa Control System

  • Dynamic thermal tuning
  • Smart Filtration
  • Auto Daily Sanitize
  • Remote Wi-Fi Access
  • Programmable Sleep Period
  • Heat Pump Interface

Lockable Touchpad

User controls pump and light functions only


LED master light and illuminated touch pad

Remote support

WiFi enabled (optional)

Insulated Lockable Thermal Hard Cover

Keeps your heat in and everything else out.
RotoSpa PodSpa

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    Holiday compliant - exceeds HGS282 regulation RotoSpa hot tubs automatically treat 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and viruses Bishta Gold Award Winner for hot tubs in a holiday setting The British Holiday & Home Parks Association Made in the UK - Premium Quality Proud member of Sutton Coldfield Chamber of Commerce