Slash heating costs with 75% less energy consumption

  • Energy Efficient
  • Eco-Friendly Refrigerant
  • Rust Proof Plastic Case
  • Interfaced to Spa Control

For new and existing RotoSpa hot tubs

PowerSmart Heat Pumps

RotoSpa has recognised that air sourced heat pumps are the most energy efficient method of water heating.

PowerSmart Heat Pumps do not require a separate keypad for adjusting settings and integrate with the existing spa pool touchpad allowing for temperature and diagnostic adjustments.

The installation of a PowerSmart Heat Pump will result in considerable savings to your heating bill, slashing costs by up to 75% in comparision to a standard electric spa heater. Not forgetting the massively reduced heat up times ensuring change over times are decreased.

The savings generated will pay for your investment over a short period of time and the more frequently you drain and re-fill the quicker your return on investment.

The heat pump units are small and attractive, they are also very quiet. We chose these units for two reasons, firstly the reduced running costs, however the best advantage for us was the fact that they require very little power to operate. This enabled us to run a glamping cabin for 4 people off a standard 16-amp supply. Power requirements will rise over time due to guests wishing to have hot tubs and as the need to charge an electric car grows, these units give us a way of coping with the increased power requirements.

John Stanyer
Wallace Lane Farm

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Electric Heater 2kw Option
Total Heat Up Time Per Change Over Weekly Re-fill Cost Per Annum Maintain 37 Degrees Per Annum Total Cost Per Annum
16 hours 24 minutes £249.60 £388.11 £637.71
8.8kw Heat Pump Option
Total Heat Up Time Per Change Over Weekly Re-fill Cost Per Annum Maintain 37 Degrees Per Annum Total Cost Per Annum
3 hours 36 minutes £45.24 £70.86 £116.10
Savings Over Electric 2kw Heater Per Annum
*Figures based on one drain and refill per week, 10 degrees fill temperature to 37 degrees set temperature, assuming ambient air temp is 12 degrees
EcoSpa heat pump

For ANY hot tub not just a RotoSpa

EcoSpa Heat will pay for itself in under 2 years!

The EcoSpa heat pump has been designed specifically for Holiday Parks.
  • Versatile - fits any hot tub.
  • No need to fill spas with hot water means less strain for your boiler and less gas usage. Recent Gas bottle issues highlight the dangers of using them.
  • Chemical has been correctly dispersed through water flow.
  • Heat up costs reduced.
  • No more refunds because the spa water is still heating when your guests arrive following their long drive.
  • Industry leading 3 year warranty.
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Designed specifically for holiday parks!

Fits any hot tub

LOWER your spa operating costs by 75%

LOWER your heat up times

LOWER your carbon footprint

LOWER your refund costs

LOWER your noise from spas

LOWER your overall energy requirement

LOWER your energy bills

Exclusive to RotoSpa

Holiday compliant - exceeds HGS282 regulation RotoSpa hot tubs automatically treat 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and viruses Bishta Gold Award Winner for hot tubs in a holiday setting The British Holiday & Home Parks Association Made in the UK - Premium Quality Proud member of Sutton Coldfield Chamber of Commerce