How to Care For Your Hot Tub Cover

Main contributors to cover failure include imbalanced chemicals and mishandling.

Tips on helping to ensure your spa cover lasts longer are;

  • Install a cover lifter to reduce the strain on user and the cover
  • Ensure chemical levels are within the advised parameters, by testing once a day when not in use or before and after use dosing accordingly
  • Keep the cover off the spa for 30 minutes after dosing chemicals to allow strong chemical vapours to escape
  • Add cover cleaning into your maintenance plan. Simply wash off with fresh clean water avoiding the use of detergents, abrasive cleaners that include alcohol, dish soaps and harsh cleaners. Ph neutral cleaners are best.
  • On warmer days remove the cover from your RotoSpa and undo the zips to allow any excess water to dry out
  • Do not sit or stand on the spa cover or place any objects on the spa cover that can cause the foam inserts to fracture and break.
  • Did you know over time the outer covering of your Lockable hard covers can dry out and become brittle? Using the Shine and Protect spray adds moisture back into the vinyl material prolonging the lifespan of your covers. ‘Just like leather’

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