Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where will you locate the spa?
  • Ensure you have a firm flat surface to place the hot tub on and a surrounding surface that will minimise the likelihood of dirt & grit getting in your spa.
  • What size spa can comfortably fit in the area you have chosen?
  • Measure the maximum size that you could fit in the location you have chosen.
  • How many people are likely to use the spa at any one time?
  • Think about the number of people that you are likely to have in your hot tub at any one time. Although you might have 6 in the family you may not all be using the spa together.
  • Is the spa for bubbles and fun, for serious therapy or a mix of the two?
  • Different spa models have varying jet set ups and equipment performance. If serious therapy is what you are looking for then a model with high performance equipment and larger hydrotherapy jets may be right for you. We can tailor your spa to suit your needs!
  • What is your budget?
  • Hot tubs vary considerably in price. The major factors affecting price relate to the number of jets, type of equipment and control systems used by the manufacturers. There are also many options such as lights, additional jets and water treatment systems which all add to the cost. We can tailor your hot tub to suit your budget!
    You should also consider the cost of electrical works and ozone hire, choosing RotoSpas mean savings on both of these items.
  • What warranty do I get with my RotoSpa?
  • 1 full year warranty, 2 years on the parts and 5 years on the shells.
  • How do they run?
  • Our spas are rather simple to use. They connect to a standard 13 AMP plug and you will need a water connection.