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Equipment & accessories

Having developed truly unique and innovative spas it is only fitting that we should install the very best in spa systems.



Air blowers

Our single speed air blower adds extra intense hydrotherapy sensations, whilst further creating those typical hot tub bubbles.


1.5 hp and 2.0 hp pumps. Single and two speed pumps, all with high flow rates that are ideal for driving a large number of jets.

Jetting system

For maximum performance, RotoSpa use high flow manifold distribution systems on all of its models to deliver water individually to each jet at uniform pressures rather than a single pipe linked from jet to jet. In accordance with model specifications, combinations of the latest adjustable therapeutic, rotating massage jets in differing sizes have been strategically positioned to give various massage effects in each seating placement.

Alternative systems include neck and shoulder combinations with lower, middle and upper back, plus leg and foot massage. An optional flow diverter and multi nozzle ‘master massage’ jet fitted to the quarto give a very strong back massage without the need for bigger pumps and more power. There is also our new hand held massage jet option available on all models to direct a powerful hydrotherapy jet to any area of the body.
Finally when utilised, the turbo air injection system adds millions of tiny air bubbles directly into the water behind your back, around your legs and under your feet for the most invigorating massage experience and can also incorporate an aromatherapy dispensing unit on some models.

12 colour LED underwater light

A 12 colour, fading, under-water LED light is available on all models. This incorporates twelve different colous which can be individually displayed or mixed.


Digital touchpad

  • Lockable touchpad
  • Incorporates dynamic thermal tuning
  • Smart filtration
  • Auto daily sanitise
  • Remote WiFi access
  • Programmable sleep period
  • Heat pump interface
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