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Celebrate Spring Bank Holiday with RotoSpa

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photo source: Burns Farm

The Spring Bank Holiday marks the unofficial start of the summer season here in the UK. Occurring annually on the last Monday of May, this festivity presents the perfect opportunity to kick off your warm weather plans in style.

What better way to usher in the sunny months ahead than by transforming your ordinary garden into an extraordinary outdoor sanctuary? With longer days and warmer weather on the horizon, now is the ideal time to start crafting the ultimate garden oasis for entertaining, relaxing and soaking up the joys of the season.

As the nation embraces this Spring Bank Holiday and an extra day off work, you can take advantage of the long weekend to finally bring your dream outdoor living space to life. 

6 Tips to maximise your hot tub experience during Spring Bank holiday 

Whether you want a relaxing retreat just for lounging and recharging or an incredible space for hosting picture-perfect garden parties and outdoor BBQs, these tips will help you create a blissful environment.

1. Incorporate a stunning centrepiece

No garden paradise is complete without a showstopping centrepiece. Celebrating Spring Bank Holiday with RotoSpa can provide the perfect focal point and gathering spot for your space. Imagine soaking in warm, massaging waters while taking in the peaceful ambience you’ve created around you!

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2. Define dedicated activity zones

In addition to your hot tub oasis, you’ll want to plan distinct areas for outdoor dining, lounging by the fire, gardening, playing yard games, and more. Use creative landscaping, furniture arrangements, and decorative elements to define these spaces.

Install a pergola draped with vines or twinkling lights overhead for an alfresco dining area. Add a stylish outdoor dining set and you have an intimate dining nook. For the ultimate lounging zone, arrange plush weatherproof sofas and chairs around a firepit or outdoor fireplace.

If you have a green thumb, create a dedicated raised garden bed area for growing herbs, veggies or flowers. And for the kids, set up a play area with outdoor games like cornhole, ladder toss or even a putting green.

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3. Master your landscaping

Lush greenery is key for establishing a sense of being immersed in nature. Incorporate a mix of tall bushes, trees, and hedges to create a feeling of seclusion while still allowing peek-through views. Line paths and activity areas with beautifully maintained gardens overflowing with colourful blooms.

If you lack a green thumb, don’t worry—low-maintenance landscaping like hardy perennials, shrubs, ornamental grasses, groundcover, rocks and boulders can still look lush when done right. For an oasis-like feel, add a water feature like a small recirculating pond or fountain.

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photo source: Florence Springs

4. Layer lighting to extend the experience

With the right lighting plan, you can transition your garden escape from a daytime oasis to a magical nighttime retreat that lets you linger outdoors well into the evening hours.

Ambient lighting like strategically placed path lighting, outdoor lamps or flicked lanterns help keep things safely illuminated for nighttime strolls and parties while creating a warm, inviting glow. String café lights, lanterns or hanging pendants over key lounging and dining areas for stylish task lighting.

5. Create cosy outdoor living areas

To take your oasis to the next level, expand your indoor living spaces by creating true outdoor living rooms, dining rooms and even outdoor kitchens. Use weather-resistant furniture, rugs, curtains, decor accents and more to make these spaces feel like an extension of the comforts inside your home. You can achieve that with these setups:

Outdoor living rooms

Create a complete living room setup outdoors using plush, weather-resistant sofas, loveseats, and armchairs arranged in a cosy conversation area. Anchor this space with an outdoor area rug to define it. Include a firepit or fireplace as a warm gathering spot. Add side tables to hold drinks, snacks, books, etc. String up curtains or shades to provide refuge from direct sun when needed.

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photo source: Parkhall Pods

Outdoor dining rooms

Establish a dedicated dining area outdoors with a full weather-resistant dining set including a table and chairs. Define and anchor this space with an outdoor area rug. Incorporate lighting like lanterns or string lights. Add pops of decor like planters or outdoor accent pillows.

Outdoor kitchens

Build a full outdoor kitchen setup so you can prep, cook, and serve meals entirely outside. Must-haves include a grill, refrigerator to keep ingredients fresh, storage cabinets for plates/utensils, and a bar area for mixing drinks. A shaded pergola overhead helps create a sense of separation from the rest of the yard.

Extend indoor comforts outdoors

The key is using materials like weather-resistant furniture, rugs, curtains and decor accents that allow you to recreate the comfort and amenities of your indoor living spaces outside. Make these outdoor rooms feel like a true extension of your home’s living areas.

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6. Don’t forget the finishing touches

When it comes to garden decor, it’s all about adding those special touches that make a space feel intentional and pulled together. Incorporate elements like plush towels and robes for the hot tub area, outdoor speakers to pipe in music, candles or tiki torches for setting just the right mood, planters brimming with flowers and greenery, outdoor rugs and decorative throw pillows, and ceiling fans or misters for staying comfortably cool on hot days.

By thoughtfully arranging furniture, incorporating atmospheric lighting, installing water and fire features, and carefully curating your accessories – you can create an outdoor oasis that feels like you’ve been transported a million miles away to a high-end resort.

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