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Heating Hot Tubs Faster and Saving Money at The Same Time!

The hot tub market has seen a spectacular growth over the past few years. Led originally by ‘highend’ domestic and commercial users, the market has developed significantly both in the domestic market and the leisure industry. However the slow heat-up times and high energy cost associated with many hot tubs have become a significant issue […]

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Your very own RotoSpa Garden Staycation

Now is the time to create your very own Staycation haven in your beautiful garden. Fresh air, time with your family and not a screen in site. The term Staycation achieved its popularity in the U.S. during the financial crisis of 2007–2010. Staycations also became a popular phenomenon in the UK in 2009 as a […]

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Pool & Hot Tub Safety During COVID-19

The coronavirus and COVID-19 are on everyone’s minds right now. If you own a pool or hot tub, you may have some specific questions and concerns about them in relation to the virus. We want to answer those questions for you, and direct you to some reputable, authoritative sources where you can get more information. […]

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A Green Initiative for Holiday Park Spas

Slash heating costs with 75% less energy consumption with the PowerSmart Air Source Heat Pump…. RotoSpa has recognised that air sourced heat pumps are the most energy efficient method of water heating. PowerSmart Heat Pumps do not require a separate keypad for adjusting settings and integrate with the existing spa pool touchpad allowing for temperature and […]

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RotoSpa Hot Tubs are the cleanest in Town!

When we designed our RotoSpas we made sure every element of cleaning and filtration was made as simple as possible for our customer and exceeded requirements. Here are a few design elements that we are particularly proud of. RotoSpas Inline Disinfectant Tablet Feeder Provides 24hour constant sanitization and residual disinfectant to kill bacteria. Complies with […]

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Benefits of Hot Tub Usage from BISHTA

Benefits of Hot Tub Usage from BISHTA Being the owner of a Hot Tub promises a number of health benefits, as well as a treat for you and your family. Hot Tubs have been used as a source of relaxation in spa resorts and fitness centers all over the world and promote wellbeing and by […]

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Holiday Parks – Now Is The Time To Buy British!

5 Keys Facts Why RotoSpa and holiday parks go hand in hand… 1. Holiday makers expect hot tubs and they are the number one requirement in online services. 2. Hot Tubs increase income from accommodation by up to 40%. 3. Hot tubs increase occupancy by up 25%. 4. Hot Tubs drive out-of-season bookings. 5. Dealing […]

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Why Our Customers Love Us

Love is in the air and here are just of few of the reasons our customers LOVE RotoSpa

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