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6 must-try games for your next hot tub party

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Hot tub parties are the new craze, combining relaxation with fun and socialising. These gatherings aren’t just about lounging in warm, bubbly waters but about creating unforgettable memories with friends and family.

In this article, we will explore six unique games that are perfect for your next hot tub party. From classic adaptations to inventive new concepts, these games are designed to maximise enjoyment while keeping the constraints of a hot tub in mind. So, let’s discover how to elevate your hot tub party to the next level!


  • Hot Tub Whispers and Waterproof Card Games provide interactive fun and laughter while encouraging communication among guests.
  • Hot Tub Charades and Pass the Bottle offer creative entertainment with minimal movement, perfect for the confined space of a hot tub.
  • Hot Tub Bingo and Underwater Riddles are laid-back, yet engaging activities that blend relaxation with gentle mental stimulation.
  • Each game is designed for the unique hot tub setting, ensuring safety and enjoyment for an unforgettable hot tub party experience.

Exciting games you can try for your next hot tub party

1. Hot tub whispers

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Hot tub whispers breathe new life into the classic game of ‘Chinese Whispers‘. In the close quarters of a hot tub, this game becomes an exercise in hilarity and miscommunication. 

The game begins with one person whispering a message to the next, continuing around the tub until it reaches the last person, who then announces the often-transformed message. This game offers an excellent opportunity to break the ice and get guests giggling. 

It’s simple yet engaging, requiring no special equipment—just a group willing to lean in and listen closely. Variations can include themed whispers or even a competitive edge where teams try to maintain the message’s integrity. Not only does this game encourage interaction, but it also results in plenty of laughter, making it a perfect starter for any hot tub party.

2. Waterproof card games

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Playing cards in a hot tub? Absolutely! With waterproof playing cards, you can enjoy a range of card games without worrying about damaging the deck. From classics like Poker and Go Fish to creative twists designed specifically for the hot tub setting, card games offer versatile entertainment. 

It’s essential to choose a card game that suits your party’s mood and to ensure the safety of all participants. With slippery hands and moving water, cards can easily become a slip hazard, so caution is key. These games provide a blend of strategic thinking and light-hearted fun, making them ideal for groups who enjoy a bit of friendly competition in a relaxed setting.

3. Hot tub charades

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Charades, a classic party game, adapts wonderfully to the hot tub environment. This game involves players acting out a word or phrase without speaking, while others guess what it is. 

The limited space of a hot tub adds an amusing challenge to the game, requiring players to be creative with their gestures. To keep things interesting, incorporate themes relevant to your group or the occasion. This not only tailors the game to your guests but also adds an element of personalisation. 

Remember, the key to successful hot tub charades is simplicity and fun. Avoid overly complex themes or actions, and focus on enjoying the silliness and spontaneity that this game naturally brings.

4. Pass the bottle

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Pass the Bottle is a wet and playful take on ‘Pass the Parcel’. Players pass around a waterproof bottle while music plays, and when the music stops, the person holding the bottle performs a fun or silly challenge. 

The game continues until everyone has had a turn or until the pre-set challenges run out. This game is perfect for hot tub parties as it encourages interaction and laughter without needing much movement. Ensure that the challenges are safe and suitable for a hot tub setting. 

From singing a song to sharing a joke, the challenges can be as light-hearted or daring as your group prefers. Remember to keep the music at a level that allows for easy conversation and laughter.

5. Hot tub bingo

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Bingo in a hot tub? Why not! Hot Tub Bingo is a relaxing yet engaging game that can easily be adapted to the aquatic environment. Using waterproof bingo cards and markers, players can enjoy a leisurely game of bingo while soaking in the tub.

To spice things up, consider themed bingo games – perhaps based on a holiday, a favourite movie, or even hot tub-related items. The caller can be situated inside or outside the tub, and prizes can range from fun trinkets to spa-related treats. This game is perfect for those who prefer a more laid-back approach to party games, offering a balance of relaxation and gentle excitement.

6. Underwater riddles

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Underwater Riddles is another unique game that you can try at a hot tub party, which combines the enjoyment of a hot tub with the challenge of solving riddles. Participants take turns reading riddles aloud, with the rest of the group trying to solve them. This game encourages teamwork and stimulates the mind, all within the comfort of warm waters.

Choose riddles that are intriguing yet not overly complex. This ensures that everyone can participate and enjoy the game without feeling overwhelmed. For a competitive edge, consider splitting the group into teams and keeping score. It’s a wonderful way to engage guests in a mentally stimulating activity while they relax and enjoy the hot tub experience.

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