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12 fun monthly hot tub themes for parties all year

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Who says hot tubs are just for relaxation? Perfect for memorable parties, they offer a unique way to celebrate each month. With the right hot tub themes, you can transform your party venue while offering a different experience every time.

In this article, we will rediscover 12 distinctive monthly hot tub party theme ideas. From the frosty charm of January to the festive spirit of December, each theme promises to turn your hot tub into the highlight of the month, creating unforgettable experiences for you and your guests.


  • Transform each month. Offer a unique opportunity to transform your hot tub into a themed party haven, from a frosty January wonderland to a festive December celebration.
  • Creative decor and activities. Enhance the atmosphere with creative decorations and activities that align with each month’s theme, elevating the hot tub experience.
  • Seasonal dress codes. Encourage guests to embrace the spirit of the party with themed attire, adding an extra layer of fun and engagement.
  • Cultural and festive celebrations. Utilise hot tub themes to celebrate different cultures and festivities throughout the year, making each hot tub theme party a memorable and inclusive event.

1. January: Winter wonderland

Embrace the chill of January by turning your hot tub area into a Winter wonderland. This theme plays on the contrast between the cold outdoors and the warm water. Decorate with snowflakes and shimmering white and silver accents to mimic a snowy scene. 

The magic of this hot tub theme lies in its ability to blend the icy beauty of winter with the comforting warmth of the hot tub. Serve frosty drinks and engage guests in playful water games, making the most of the winter theme.

2. February: Valentine’s romance

Out of the many hot tub themes you can try, the month of love is perfect for Valentine’s romantic hot tub theme. Decorate with an abundance of roses, hearts, and a palette of reds and pinks to create a romantic ambience. 

This theme is ideal for couples looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a unique and intimate setting. Incorporate soft lighting and floating candles to enhance the romantic atmosphere. Encourage guests to indulge in couple’s games and enjoy a playlist of love songs, creating a truly memorable evening.

3. March: St. Patrick’s Day splash

For the month of March, you can try celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a themed splash party. You can turn your hot tub area into an Irish haven with green lighting, shamrock decorations, and perhaps even a makeshift rainbow leading to a ‘pot of gold’. 

This hot tub theme is a nod to the Irish tradition and is perfect for a lively gathering. Play Irish tunes and organise themed quizzes to add an element of fun and education about Irish culture. Dress code? Green swimwear and whimsical leprechaun hats to get everyone in the festive spirit.

4. April: Spring awakening

April’s spring awakening theme is all about new beginnings and the beauty of nature reborn. You can try decorating your hot tub with vibrant floral arrangements and pastel colours to symbolise the awakening of spring. This theme is a refreshing change from the colder months, bringing a sense of renewal and joy. 

Offer spring-themed spa treatments, like floral-infused soaks, and serve light refreshments to complement the season. Encourage guests to wear pastel towels and flower crowns, immersing themselves in the essence of spring.

5. May: Cinco de Mayo fiesta

May’s theme is a Cinco de Mayo fiesta, celebrating Mexican culture and heritage. Brighten your hot tub area with vivid colours and Mexican motifs, creating a festive and vibrant atmosphere. 

This theme is a great opportunity to introduce your guests to Mexican traditions through music, food, and decor. Play lively salsa music and set up a taco bar for a taste of Mexico. The dress code should include sombreros and colourful swimwear, adding to the festive ambience of the party.

6. June: Tropical luau

For June, embrace one of the most festive hot tub themes: a Tropical lau. Bring the Hawaiian spirit right into your backyard by decorating with tiki torches, palm leaves, and vivid tropical flowers, creating your very own island paradise. 

This hot tub theme is perfect for a summer celebration, offering a fun and relaxed atmosphere that’s a hit with guests. Enhance the vibe with Hawaiian music and organise a hula dance contest for entertainment. And for the dress code? Grass skirts and lei necklaces are essential to complete the tropical experience.

7. July: Summer BBQ bash

July is perfect for a summer BBQ bash, celebrating the peak of the British summer. You can try decorating your hot tub area with a red, white, and blue theme, symbolising the vibrant colours of summer. This theme is all about embracing the relaxed and joyous spirit of the season. 

Incorporate a BBQ nearby to indulge in summer delicacies and create a laid-back atmosphere. Play a mix of summer hits to add to the festive vibe. Also, encourage guests to wear colourful swimwear, embodying the fun and carefree essence of a British summer day.

8. August: Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics theme in August is ideal for sports enthusiasts. Decorate with international flags and hand out gold medals for various water sports competitions. This theme encourages friendly competition and celebrates the spirit of the Olympics. 

Hold an award ceremony to acknowledge the winners, adding a competitive yet fun element to your party. Guests can wear team jerseys and swim caps, embracing the Olympic spirit.

9. September: Back-to-school bash

September’s back-to-school bash is a nostalgic journey back to school days. Use school colours and pennants for decoration and organise trivia games to bring back school memories. 

This theme is a playful way to celebrate the start of the academic year and is perfect for all ages. Serve nostalgic snacks and encourage guests to wear school team swimwear or mascot costumes for a touch of fun.

10. October: Halloween spooktacular

Get into the spooky spirit with Halloween Spooktacular as one of the most thrilling hot tub themes for October. Decorate with pumpkins, cobwebs, and eerie lighting to create a haunted atmosphere. 

This theme, a standout in the realm of hot tub themes, is perfect for a Halloween celebration, offering a unique and thrilling experience. Hold a costume contest and share scary stories to keep your guests entertained. Dress code? Halloween-themed swimwear or costumes to add to the spooky vibe.

11. November: Thanksgiving gathering

November in the UK is synonymous with Bonfire Night, an ideal theme for a hot tub party. Embrace this tradition by decorating your hot tub area with autumn leaves, twinkling lights, and symbols reminiscent of Guy Fawkes Night. 

This theme is a wonderful way to gather friends and family to enjoy the crisp autumn evening. Serve warm spiced drinks to complement the season and encourage guests to wear earth-toned towels and cosy robes, reflecting the warmth and comfort of a traditional British November celebration.

12. December: Holiday festivities

Finally, December is all about holiday festivities. Use Christmas lights and ornaments to create a festive and joyful atmosphere. This theme is perfect for a holiday celebration, bringing the magic of the season to your hot tub. 

Organise a gift exchange and play holiday music to spread the festive cheer. The dress code should include festive swimwear and Santa hats, adding to the holiday spirit.

Hot tub themes you can try in a nutshell

Your hot tub can be a year-round party destination, with each month offering a unique theme to celebrate. From the frosty elegance of a winter wonderland to the festive joy of holiday festivities, these themes promise to create memorable experiences for you and your guests. So, dig into creativity and add your personal touch to these ideas, ensuring your hot tub parties are the talk of the town!

Planning your next hot tub party? Contact us and let us help you transform your hot tub area into a year-round party haven!

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